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A Holistic Guide to Eliminating the Root Cause of Blood Cancer & Lymphoma
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Conquering Lymphoma
A Holistic Guide of Eliminating the Root Cause of 
Blood Cancer & Lymphoma
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My Story
I had everything. 

I was on top of the world. 

Life was great. 

I was 21, in college, and studying hard. 

I just got back to my dorm room from class...

Then I got the phone call! 

My HEART stopped. 
My THROAT went dry. 
Hearing the words from my mom’s voice... 
“It’s Cancer!”
My life started to shatter before my eyes. 

I had to sit down…just staring at the white wall in my room…

Wondering WHY!

Why my family?

What did we do?

Would it destroy us?
My dad was diagnosed with Stage 4 
Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma at the age of 37. 
It was here…

We did not know as a family this would be the greatest enemy to come against us.

This Enemy fought hard with many reoccurrences – around 6 or 7 times. 

And each time, The Enemy got STRONGER and more Resistant & Vicious.

From the age of 37 thru 54, 
My Dad’s Battle with 
Lymphoma ended.

As this Enemy prevailed. I always questioned, “WHY!”
With all the Medications, Chemotherapies, Radiations & even Bone Marrow Transplants…. 

Why did the Lymphoma keep on reoccurring?
Why…with each reoccurrence, the Lymphoma seemed to get Stronger and more Resistant? 

But it turned out to be a Blessing in Disguise 
because I went through such pain and anguish 
that it led for me to Know this Enemy and 
I learned some SECRETS of this beast. 
Now I can help you! 
I can Share these secrets with you. 
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Inside Of This Book You'll Discover The Results To These 
Shocking Afflictions to Blood Cancer & Lymphoma:
  •     The State of Urgency...are we under attack, major disease & cancer seems to being moving through our country like the plague...What should we do? (Page 9)
  •     The Law of Habit...from mentoring thousands of people, WHAT are the Core Habits hold you back from defeating Blood Cancer (Page 13)
  •     The Most Unnoticed Affliction...this may be a surpise & to some, even a shock, the this Unnoticed Affliction is the KING of beginning of ALL DISEASE & CANCER (Page 25)
  •     Our Largest Organ...learn the Key Elements of this organ & HOW you can use it to your benefit (Page 47)
  •      The King of the Herbs...No, we are not talking about Elvis Presley but the KING can dominate YOUR Blood Cancer (Page 67)

Here's What Daniel has to Say about 'Conquering Lymphoma' 

This Book is LIFE SAVER!!!

Inside this Precious Book - Every Single Chapter is connected to Blood Cancer. 

The 'HOW' & The 'WHY'

Chad goes Above & Beyond connecting all the remedies in every single chapter to Blood Cancer. AND, most of all, HOW it works & Adding it to your life style!

  •      The Great Conspiracy...are there any Conspiracy Theorist out there...if so, are any true??? OR, are there any within your Health. Learn more on (Page 77).
  •        Does ALL Disease Really Begin in the Gut...this has been a popular saying for over 100 years...Is There ANY truth behind it! Find Out Inside (Page 99)
Within these Pages, Your going to Learn...'HOW TO' Instantly Eliminate Blood Cancers & Lymphoma 'WITHOUT' Continually taking Chemotherapy, Radiation & Medications. 
  •      The Stress Factor...nearly 75% of Adults are Stressed, 1 out of 75 people may experience panic disorder, 80% of workers feel Stressed out, and the numbers are increasing...Learn HOW this is related to Blood Cancer inside the Book (Page 139)
  •      Regeneration: Our Body's Need to Heal...We all have heard about Regeneration, BUT does our Body actually Regenerate??? Even Nobel Prizes have been won in the area of Regeneration & DNA (Page 159)
  •      Spirituality...Does this word Ring a Bell OR does it bring up some emotions either good or bad...Well, you will have to find out the unique spin it takes with Blood Cancer (Page 173)
  •      AND MORE...It Continues...
Loved this book,
Easy to Read 
And Absorb, 
Thank You!!
- Jen
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My Motto with Blood Cancer is this: 
You have to KNOW this Enemy! 
You have to KNOW this Enemy from the inside-and-outside! 
You have to KNOW this Enemy’s Strengths & as well as Weaknesses!

Secret #1

Mental Stress

Secret #2-4

Controlling Your Food

Secret #5

The Success Formula

Secret #6

What's Holding You Back???

Secret #7

[2] Enemies of Major Disease & Cancer...

Secret #8


The Health Bundle Digital Program comes with UNLIMITED UPDATES
The Free Health Bundle objective is to increase your Foundational Knowledge in the core concepts of Health. 
This my friends is the first step in DEFEATING Blood Cancer. 
You cannot have a weak Foundation in Health and at the same time…trying to defeat this enemy!


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Time Is Of The Essence
Here's why.

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Chad Napier

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